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Sherlinda Dix



My Story

I come from the entertainment industry. As someone who adores the arts, I breathed it 24/7.  The industry can create fluctuations in a budget, leaving little flexibility to navigate the unexpected. I was always concerned about whether I could pay the bills. Who wants a lifestyle bigger than their paycheck!

And so I decided to look for a business for additional income where I had more control, and freedom. My best option was to start my own business. The Scentsy Family gives me flexibility, income, and upward growth to help me meet my goals. The best part is meeting new people, and building new friendships. Just think, I have the privilege of offering a business opportunity of becoming an Independent Scentsy Consultant to others. Working from home has many benefits, and being self-employed has even more. No commuting expenses, low overhead, relaxed dress code, time for family and friends is employment that fulfills all my requirements. I can still accept acting parts that work with my business schedule. How about a paid vacation time when you need it. The portability of my Scentsy Family businesses means they are ready to share wherever I go.

Maybe consulting is for you too. Join my Scentsy Family U.S.A. Team which is based out of Union Springs Alabama. All are welcome, no matter where your location. The U.S.A. Team is one family in the even greater Scentsy Family. 

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Sherlinda Dix

Independent Scentsy Consultant

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